The initial production batch will be 30 models. There is no guarantee that we will make another bacth. It totally depends on demand. So make your reservation today! Each model will be engraved ‘WFA’ and a unique number with corresponding certificate.

Daimler Scout Car Mk. II Kit:


Euro 1.795,00 + p&p Static version


Euro 2.066,00 + p&p RC version

RC Kit includes 12v motor, speedcontroller, steering servo, sound, wiring & motion parts.


Prices exclude VAT at 21% (EU countries).


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Option packs


Euro 250,00  Dingo detail pack (resin)

Includes everything you need to further detail the interior, (like a fire extinguisher, dashboard, fuel tank, bren rack, grenade rack, gun rack, radio, levers and more) and some additional exterior parts (like flimsy cans, jack, shovel, pick axe and more). This pack can also be use with the RC model.

Euro 29,00  Leather seats & cushions pack

For 2 seats and the 2 head cushions mounted against the roof.


Prices exclude VAT at 21% (EU countries).

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